Knitted Slippers


According to one of my daughters, slippers (especially knitted slippers) are the latest trend.

So my mum, the knitting guru in our house, has produced a pattern especially for madebypin readers:

You will need:

Yarn: 50g chunky or double knitting, doubled.

Needles: size 6 metric , size 10 USA.

Elastic thread and decoration.

  • Cast on 30 sts.
  • Working in moss stitch (or garter stitch) increase 1 stitch at each of alternate rows until 36 sts.
  • Work 7 rows straight.
  • Dec. 1 st. At each end of alternate rows until 30 sts.
  • This completes the sole.
  • Cast on 8 sts. (heel).
  • Change to rib.  Work 1 row.
  • Continue in rib, inc. 1 st. At toe end of alternate rows until 41 sts.
  • Work 2 rows straight.
  • Cast off 26 sts. rib to end.
  • Work 5 rows straight.
  • Cast on 26 sts. (41sts on needle).
  • Dec. 1 st. at toe end on alt. rows until 37 sts.
  • Cast off.

  • Your knitting should look like this at this point.  If you leave a long length of wool when you cast off, you can use this to sew the top to the sole.

  • If you would like to make the slipper closer fitting then just thread some elastic thread around the opening and tighten to fit.
  • Add ribbons or other decorations to jazz them up

To make larger or smaller sizes, use larger or smaller needles or finer or thicker wool.

Knit in moss stitch, rib, garter stitch or whatever you like.


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