Double Oven Mitt

I completely forgot to post this make at the end of last year.  I think I was probably a bit preoccupied with getting them finished as they were Christmas presents.

Anyway, better late than never.

I bought this gorgeous bird fabric (and the interfacing) at the wonderful Fabric Warehouse near Uxbridge.  They have an online shop too, if you aren’t able to get there easily.

You will need half a metre (90cm wide) of the main fabric, half a metre of lining fabric (I used plain cotton,) about 3m of 25mm wide contrasting coloured bias binding and some Insul-Bright– this is a special insulated interfacing that will make sure the oven gloves do the job they are supposed to.  Insul-Bright also recommend that you use it in conjunction with cotton wadding.  Fabrics come in different widths so work out how much you will need depending on the width.  For example, if your fabric is 145cm wide you would be able to cut out all your pieces from .25 of a metre.

Here are the cutting instructions for 90cm wide fabric.

I found the easiest way to cut the pieces was to make a paper pattern first.  I used flip chart paper, but you could use whatever you have to hand. Using a dark marker/felt tip pen, measure out 2 rectangles.  Make one rectangle 22cm high by 85cm wide (this will be the length of your gloves) and the other rectangle 22cm high by 26cm wide. I rounded off the ends of the rectangles by drawing around a large plate.  (Make sure that all your rounded ends match)

Now cut out the pieces in the various fabrics- the main fabric; the lining; interfacing and wadding.

Place the small lining pieces right side down. Top with the wadding, the insulbright shiny side up and finish with the small rounded off rectangles of the main fabric right side up. Pin all the layers together and tack.  Next add bias binding to the straight edge.

Now place the long rectangle of the main fabric right side down.  Lay the insul-bright on top with the shiny side down then the wadding. Next lay the lining on top of the wadding right side up.  Pin and tack these pieces together.

At this stage, I chose to quilt the pieces together by stitching around the pattern on the fabric. If you don’t want to do this then just machine some lines of stitching through all the fabrics to hold them together.

Place the two smaller glove parts on either end of the long piece with lining fabric of both pieces together and matching the curves.  Pin through all the layers and tack in place. Sew the bias binding around the whole glove attaching all the pieces together.

When you get half way along one of the long edges, add a small piece of bias binding to the middle of one of the long sides as a hanging loop. Fold and press the binding in half length wise, bring the two short ends together and tuck under the binding. Sew the binding as normal then flip the loop back onto the binding and stitch into place. As in the picture below.


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