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New Collection of Felted Silk Brooches

I’ve just uploaded my new collection of felted silk and wool brooches to the MadeByPin folksy shop.

Here are a few of them:

31. Keyboard Cufflinks

I’ve tried to make things out of recycled computer bits in the past, some successful, some less so. This time I’m making Ctrl/Alt cufflinks from computer keys.

First of all prise the keys off an old keyboard.

I’m not sure if all keys are made in the same way but the ones I’ve used have a little peg that sits proud from the back of the key.  I found husband’s hacksaw and took the peg down to the same level as the edge of the key.

I used the same cufflink findings that I used in the post on personalised cufflinks and just glued the keys to the cufflink bases. (I think it might be best to use a glue gun for this but mine is on vacation at daughter’s house – I used regular all purpose Bostick).

P.S. 2 days later – thought the glue would be set enough by now.. definitely needs the glue gun.  Daughter, if you are reading and finished with it, can you bring it back please?

12. Necklace made from fabric and polystyrene balls

I know this is another necklace, hot on the heels of make 10, the ruffle necklace. but I just had to put it in as it is so very easy, so dramatic looking and would make a great Mother’s Day gift.

You will need-

About 10 x 3 cm polystyrene balls – available in craft shops.

A piece of fabric.  1.75 to 2m long and 12cm wide.   I used a silk like remnant – it is a bit like the kind of fabric you might use for a neck tie.

Needle and thread.

First fold the fabric right sides together length wise.  Then sew a seam down the length of the fabric about 1cm in from the raw edge.

Press the seam open and turn the fabric the right way out.

Fold the fabric tube in half and note where the halfway point is with a pin. Slip one of the polystyrene balls into the tube of fabric.

When it gets halfway down the tube, remove the pin and tie a knot in the fabric close to either side of it.  Continue to add balls and knots to either side of the first ball until you’ve used up all the balls.

Sew the openings of the tube closed with small, neat stitches and that’s it – done.

10. Recycled ruffle necklace


Into double figures! Make number 10.  Sounds good until I realise I have 42 left to make.

This make was inspired by a necklace that I saw in one of the Sunday supplements.  The Marni necklaces are beautiful and follow one of the hottest trends of the moment – ruffles but if you don’t have the cash to splash out then have a go at making one like this.

I used about 2 metres of black ribbon for the pleated section and about 1.5 metres for the ties.  The ribbon came off a beautiful box of perfumed goodies that I received for my birthday. The beads (22 taupe coloured and 22 very small black) I took from an old 80s necklace. I also used two jump rings from my jewellery making supplies but they aren’t strictly necessary if you don’t have any to hand.

Starting at one end of the 2m piece of ribbon, start to fold tiny pleats.  I creased them by running my thumb nail down the fold and then putting a couple of stitches at the top of the pleat to hold it.

I have to admit this does take a little while to complete.  After I had pleated the entire piece, I pressed it very carefully – I was terrified that I’d melt the ribbon!

I then sewed the beads on one by one alternating the larger taupe coloured with the small black ones that act as spacers.

The ribbon I used was already shaped at each end but if yours isn’t then cut each end on the diagonal then hem them raw edge.

Slip each end through a jump ring and stitch in place.

Lastly cut the other piece of ribbon (1.5m) in half and hem each end of both pieces. Thread one end of each piece through the jump ring and stitch in place.  I gathered mine slightly but you could easily attach in the same way as you attached the main part of the necklace (i.e. cut the end of the ribbon on the diagonal, hem and thread through the ring).
Tie the two ends in a bow, slip over your head and you are ready to go!