Captain Barnacles Hat


We have a 2, soon to be 3 year old Octonauts fan in our family.  He will be having an Octonauts party so I thought he might like a Captain Barnacles hat.  Here is how I made it –

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Storage Jar Using Mod Podge

Can you ever have too many storage jars?  I don’t think so, especially if you are a crafter – there always seems to be stuff needing to be stored.  This week’s make is a glass jar made into a storage jar with some scrap fabric and some Mod Podge. Continue reading

Dog Coat from an Old Fleece Jacket

As I’ve mentioned before here, our two Jack Russells are getting on a bit.  They still love to be outside but as we had more snow here in Buckinghamshire yesterday, I decided to make the smaller dog a coat.  It only took half an hour.  Here is how I did it: Continue reading

Dog and Cat Cards

I was looking for something quick to make to sell at our stall at the village Autumn Fair last week.  Here is what I made:

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Very Simple Moccasins

My mum was throwing out her ironing board cover.  It looked perfectly fine to me but she wanted a new one and I wasn’t going to argue as I knew it would be perfect for a make. Continue reading