DIY Anna Costume for a 3 year old


Birthday season is fast approaching in our family and our granddaughter has requested an Anna outfit.  I nearly bought one but then decided that I had enough time to make one as long as I could get all the bits for it from my stash or quickly online.

I started with the skirt:

Anna Skirt

Luckily, I had a piece of silk in my stash.  It was 1 metre square and near enough in colour for Anna’s skirt.

I folded it in half and stitched the long side together.  Then I folded it over twice to make a casing for the elastic at the top and hemmed along the bottom.  To make the flower decorations along the bottom I drew a simple tulip pattern onto Bondaweb and transferred this onto fabric.

Tulip pattern for Anna's skirt

The leaves and stem I used some green satin type fabric that I had and for the flower a fuchsia coloured felt.  If I was doing it again I would definitely get some green felt for the stem as the felt was much easier to attach to the silk.  At this point my sewing machine decided not to cooperate!  It kept sticking as I was appliqueing the stem to the skirt.  It didn’t look good at all so I put the rest of the stems and flowers on by hand. I found that 5 flowers of 16cm x 8cm (bottom of stem to top of flower) did the job.  I then threaded 1.5cm wide elastic, 2cm longer than our soon to be 3 year old’s waist through the casing.  Skirt finished.

The top was much easier than I thought it would be.  I followed a brilliant pattern by You can find it here.

I didn’t have enough black felt but did have some black cotton twill which worked great but needed a bit of hemming to hide the raw edges.

Once again I drew the decoration for the front onto Bondaweb which I transferred to green, fuchsia, marigold and purple felt before stitching onto the bodice.

Anna Top

I then bound the neckline and bottom edge with some gold coloured ribbon.

I closed the back with velcro.

The T shirt came from this eBay shop and was just under £5.  Top done!

For the cape I used a piece of fuchsia coloured fleece from Lady Sew and Sew I had some in my stash but .5 m should do it.  I used a fabulous pattern by  pattern for a circle skirt but only cut out half a skirt for the cape. I measured around the top and cut and folded a piece of black felt to make a stand up collar.

The frog fastening and the trim also came from eBay.

Frog fastener

1m Jumbo pom pom trim in burgundy

Anna Cape

I metre wasn’t quite enough for the cape so I curved the front edges.  If I was to make again, I’d have bought 2metres.

Anna Outfit 2

Outfit complete!